Magpie moments: May 2018

It could be because I’m superstitious. It could be because my mum would swear that they’d steal the caps from the milk bottles to decorate their nests. Or it could be one of my favourite TinTin stories that my dad would read to me. For some reason, magpies have always been my favourite animal.

When I see something that inspires me, I think of it as my magpie moment. And though its been proven by science that they don’t actually steal shiny things, the term has stuck. So inspired by Sam’s series on her inspirations (see: May, April, March, February, January), here are the pretty shiny things that caught my eye in May.

Every face is beautiful // Amanda Toner

Kooky ladies // Ruttu

Treasure every encounter + Women + Representation // Lindsay Arakawa

Much more than someone’s wife // Petra Eriksson

Kimchi by Sanchez Zabla ++ Aja by Tanner Abel

Someday his prince will come // LunieChan

It’s okay to be not okay // Emily Coxhead.

Bugs life // LunieChan

What are you looking at? // J W Anderson

In these (Sophia Webster) heels darling? I don’t think so.

What kind of mask do you put on? // Domenic Lippa

The girls wore Gucci // Bertrand Langlois.

The F word ++ Until next time // Tim Lahan

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