LegalGeek 2018 — my talk and some thoughts from the day.

  • This year felt much more people focused than being technology/innovation-led. Saying that, it feels like there’s much more we could discuss with legal education and access to justice and I’d like to see more people talking about that in 2019.
  • I really enjoy how different professions and sectors are brought into LegalGeek. Last year Mark Cohen said ‘law is an island no more’ which set the tone for a lot of the talks this year. To open this year with George’s talk on mental health showed how much progress has been made in making these topics feel less taboo, especially as the legal profession admits to feeling the impact of long hours and presenteeism. It’s okay to be not okay — and we have to keep talking about it.
  • ‘People don’t leave companies.. they leave bad bosses’ — Maaike De Bie
  • Attract people with an attractive culture: make it part of your DNA’
  • ‘Always disclose how the system works’ Noah Waisberg
  • Audree, Cassie & Andrea were tweeting about having a legal design prototyping for policy event next year and I’d love to see how we bring LegalGeek into that — so many opportunities and possibilities!
  • Big thumbs up to Daniel’s suggestion that LegalGeek 2019 has a dedicated data track — have obviously already volunteered my support. I’m so keen!



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